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Default Can we talk diaper cakes?

I'm attempting to make a couple of diaper cakes, if for nothing else to add a little something different and interest to my display space. I've watched a few youtube videos and understand the basics of doing it. I was doing the rolled diaper method with rubber bands. One video I watched after he had the layer put together (yes, i said he. lol), he retied around it with string and removed all the rubber bands off the individual diapers. Is this how everyone does it? I just assumed all the rubber bands would stay on.

Also for packaging, I found some plain round cardboard cake separators at walmart, but they are brown around the edge. Is there a better place to find the round cardboard to put the "cake" on? I've seen pictures of of other cakes with a scalloped board underneath. I looked at Hobby Lobby one time as well, and can't remember if they had anything different. And lastly, to wrap it I was wanting to use cellophane. I didn't find any at walmart, but I looked at Hobby Lobby the last time I was in the city and couldn't decide what it was I needed. They had the shrink wrap kind, but I don't want to shrink wrap it, just gather and tie it with a big bow. They had some other cellophane with the wrapping paper, but it was really thin. There was a roll open and it was already ripped. I want some that is more substantial. Do you just buy the shrink wrap type and just gather it? I thought maybe it was thicker. Thanks for any help!
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