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Default Re: Copyright infringement.

Originally Posted by tashanwrn View Post
Just to clarify for my own sanity! It is considered copyright infrigement if someone posts a pic on here of someone elses design asking for help with either what it is called or how to make it???? I have posted a couple links to awesome items that I absolutely love! Asking members if it is a particular type of bow and such. If this is infrigement I apoligize and will remove all the links I have posted!

Posting links is okay. When someone clicks on a link, they see the original placement of the picture, thus credit is given to the picture's owner. It's not okay to copy and paste the picture only and claim it as yours. What she's talking about is someone taking her picture (not link), and then showing it to customers saying it's her own bow. Customers then placed orders, and she had to come asking how to make it (because it wasn't hers in the first place!!!).

Make sense? Basically, you are free to learn to make whatever you want....just don't claim anything that isn't yours.

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