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Default Re: Copyright infringement.

Originally Posted by funskimunki View Post
i saw this on the other board. Yes, taking your photo to get orders was WRONG. If she had found your bow and liked the style and posted asking "hey...i really love this type of bow and would like to try to make one, can anyone give any tips or point me in the direction of a tutorial?" I think that would have been ok. I am not a bowmaker but i sew. I have seen a sleeve on a dress that I like and have posted pictures asking for tips on how it is made. I would never go and sell the dress before even attempting to make it. Most things take me a while of practicing before i would feel comfortable selling. I have even had people contact me for special orders of things i have never made before. i never take payment until the item is made and i and the customer are 100% satisfied. I could never use someone elses pictures. It is just wrong. I know how much time and effort I put into my items and i dont want someone taking credit for my hard work. Make your own items and then sell them!!
Sure. If the customer had emailed her a photo and asked her if she could try to duplicate it that would not have been wrong of her to try. I don't own the bow design LOL. I've had customers ask me to do that and I explain up front that since my bows are made by my hands, they won't look exactly like those bows. I had a customer ask me to make an asymetrcial pinwheel once "exactly as pictured". It drove me NUTS. I hated it LOL. But it was what she wanted. And it didn't look exactly like the photo to my eyes, but she was happy.

If she would have posted my photo to the board, it would have been copyright infringement, but I would not have made a stink at all. I think we all do that. Its kind of an unspoken rule that it is OK despite what the law says.

Thanks for your input.
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