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Default Re: HELP! How do I make this bow?

SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA....ARGGGG Camera is not working...little kids dropped AGAIN.

I am going to try to explain it:

it's 2 regular boutique bows
folded seperately BUT only folded 3/4 of the way (so if you put the bow on a flat surface, one side will be on the flat surface and the other in the air. That means only 2 of the loops will touch the flat surface so the bow will almost look like a bench or chair on the flat surface. The the two 3/4 fold boutique bow and put them side by side.

The two loops that are in the air should be glued together.

I'm going to try explaining this using furniture analogy:

3/4 folded boutique bow = sofa
seat of the sofa = portion of bow on the flat surface
sofa back/part that rest on the wall = portion of the bow in the air

put the two sofa backs together (but do not squish) and glue
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