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Originally Posted by Gulana94 View Post
No matter what you do with E6000 make sure you use it in a well ventilated area. The smell will knock you for a loop.
Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
I've used it when making certain kinds of cheer bows, when fabric is involved usually, or when attaching fabric-bonded-ribbon to another ribbon. Never ever use with white or other pale ribbon, as it will "leak" through and you will be able to see the glue...

Initially, its hard to work with, but once you get used to it, things go pretty smoothly!

Good luck!
I agree, the fumes are really strong. My husband complained when I used it. He said it made the house stink. Of course, at the time he said it, I didn't smell it. Guess I was used to inhaling the fumes.

Like Blkhawkfan says, it does tend to bleed through light colored grosgrain ribbons. However, it is hands down the best holding glue I've used when making cheer bows.
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