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Default Re: Help a newbie out, Lot of questions....

I have several bow templates, some I can do with out a template. You really need to feel the aters on what works well with you. On here, what works for others doesn;t work for some. You can you tube how to make templates aswell. I was not good at making my own.

I have a woodburner...10 bucks at walmart, but I do sculptures and Couldn't function without it. I use a lighter most of the time. You just have to learn that it takes a second for the ends to seal, thats it.

You just have dig in and alot is going to be trial and error, you will eventually learn what you are good at, and what you are not good at. Some of the craftiest peole on hr can't do a twisted bow, or some on the ones that can make bows in their sleep can't do other things.

I would try the template you have at first. Then maybge go to youtube, and try some techinques there. Then re evaluate...

If you use the serch buttom and look up BBM you will se what people say about this bow maker, again, it comes down to preference.

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