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Default Help a newbie out, Lot of questions....

My dd 9 and I wanted to start making hairbows. With everything else I went a little crazy. Probably have $300-400 in ribbon already. Not to mention the "easy bow making" tools I bought. Because I found out that I am seriously bow illiterate! LOL! I need a couple of things. I don't want to waste anymore money on things to make it easier. How did you all start? Did you need a template at first. I saw this kit, but it was like another $50 some dollars. It's actually an advertisment on here. It looks like it would be helpful. But do I need it? Does it really make it easy. Because I believe I do need easy lol!

Next thing one lady who makes them gave me a tip. Don't waste my money on fray check or a woodburning tool. She says the easiest way is to use the lighter. I envision myself burning lots of ribbon up this way. But is that the consensus?

I won't overwhelm you for now. But anymore tips you could share would be great. My dh thinks I am nuts and unless I start producing something great. I don't envision it going on much longer lol!
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