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Default Re: Problem with korkers

I use a regular old needle...doesnt have to be expensive. While I have broken a few needles before this method, this is what I have found works the best:

thread the korkers. Pull all the way up. When you come back down through the layers, I place the needle down and push a little through the first few layers. Then I take my pliers and push down onto a box top or something hard, just enough (not too hard) so that I feel it hit the box. Then I remove the box and place on a pillow (which is usually on my lap because I do them in bad with DH at night ) The needle is still facing down at this point and I hold the pliers with the needle and push hard through the pillow so the needle goes into the pillow. After this I pull the korker right side up and continue to pull the needle out with the pliers! Works like a charm!!!

Hope this makes sense, I am terrible at explaining things.

Originally Posted by JenniferM View Post
I used to tie, but I had to stop when I would get so frustrated with it. I now sew them. I guess I don't have a great enough needle, I have to use plier like things to pull my needle up. And I have broken a few needles lol. But I like the sew method way better these days!
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