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Default Re: Images for Bottlecaps????

The more specific you are in your search terms, the more specific your images you find will be. Just putting in Christmas will turn probably 10's if not 100's of thousands of images. Go to and in the upper left hand corner, click on "images". Then in the search box, type in your search terms, Christmas tree, christmas angel, gingerbread man, etc. If you do just a regular search without going to the image screen, it pulls up a lot of crap that you have to weed through. You can also search on photobucket or bing (bing is the same way--click on the "images" word first, then do your search). HTH!!

ETA: After going to Google and doing a search just for "christmas angel", it showed over 8.3 MILLION images WHOA.. so yeah, if you can narrow your search down with additional terms to add, do it or else you will be looking at a LOT of Christmas angel images for a VERY long time lol.

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