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Default Re: Problem with korkers

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
When I first started I tied, even bought a korker box, used elastic cord. My daughter was able to pull out the strands no matter how tight.

I sew mine. Get a good needle - I use a long embroidery type needle. I lay out in rows the colors I'm using. and go in a pattern putting the needle through the center - I do make sure that I go in the bottom of the curl and go around in a clockwise pattern. I'll make sure before I bring the thread through that there's no spaces and pull the needles with the thread (I thread my needle with upholstery thread pulling the thread through and tying the ends together so it's doubled). I go back down through the center, a block of wood or rotary mat is good to use to push the needle through if needed. Then go under the last ribbon strand a little and put the needle through to knot it off.

If you are set on tying and not sewing then invest in a korker box, check ebay.
im new to korkers too. i hate tying because they can be easily pulled. i tried sewing but didnt like the end results. but after reading your post i think i might try again. thanks!!!
but how many korkers do you sew together? i use 36 for mine is that too many to sew?
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