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Default Re: ballet slippers

The second ones are pretty simple. 2 pieces of 1" ribbon, 1 pieces 1 1/2" ribbon. 2 pieces 2" ribbon... Lay a 2" piece down, then a 1 1/2" then 1"...with the ends lined up, then fold them over into a U shape. You can burn all of the edges at once this way. Thread them onto a needle. Then take the other three pieces the same way, burn the ends of this set too, and thread them on a needle. I use 1/8" ribbon in white satin for the laces. Glue them onto the slippers. Then you can use a mini bow made of 1/8" ribbon and glue it to the top of the slippers. I add a rhinestone in the middle of that bow and then put it on a lined clip.

If this isn't clear, let me know and I'll try to do a real tutorial tomorrow. Hope this helps!

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