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Default Raggie Bow Troubles!

I'm hoping you can help me figure out why my raggie bows aren't turning out quite right. I've been looking on here and most people's raggie bows seem to be really fluffy and gorgeous - I did notice a few people have had issues as well but I couldn't find a solution.

I'm tying my fabric on as tight as I can - it's pretty stiff though.. how big are the knots on yours when you tie them? Mine are kinda big. How hard do you push them together?

Then I flatten it and roll and I am left with this ball that has fabric sticking out the sides and a row of knots around the middle. I put the clip on and try to tug on the fabric to reposition them but I can't seem to get that full pretty look that others get, I can always see those blasted knots.

Is my fabric too stiff? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong
I've read that once you roll the bottom should be flat but I just end up with a ball. Am I rolling the wrong way? Am I rolling too 'round'?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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