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Default Re: Can you add new font on Gimp?

You can download thousands of fonts from free font sites. Just go to google and type in free font downloads and it will list all the sites for you. I usually use once you download your file you will have to go to the folder where you saved it and open it up. It will most likely download as a zip file which means you will have to click extract all files at the top of the folder when you open it. It will ask if you want to automatically open the new files when you unzip them. Click yes and open it. Then you need to leave that window open and go to your control panel. Just press start and control panel should be on your menu all the way to the right. From there click on fonts and open the folder. Now, go back to the folder you just unzipped and drag the file with the name of the font and like a picture of a paper with a T (i think) as the icon into the fonts folder lol..... I hope you can understand all that. After you do all that and re open GIMP whatever fonts you have downloaded will be there. They will also be anywhere else you want to use a font like MS Office or anything like that. You can also google instructions to unstall fonts. They often have step by step breakdowns with screen shots on the side the make it easier lol HTH
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