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Default Re: how to make his style

Okay ladies I am such a dork!! I have been reading all of this and seeing who has got it figured out because I love these bows too. Then I read someone posted "andjane" and all of a sudden I remembered that I ALREADY BOUGHT THIS BOW!!! I wanted to attempt to make it myself and I figured it would be the same as buying a tut, except it comes with a bow.....and no instructions (minor detail Anyway, I just completely forgot about it until now. Okay so here is the 411 on how its done as far as I can tell.

1.) 4- 5inch ribbon cuts for the spikes out of 5/8 inch ribbon

2.) 3.5 inch twisted boutique bow with 1.5 ribbon ,and it does look like it is upside down to me

-----All of this is done with wire up to this point-------

3.) 3.5-4inch double topper out of 1.5

4.Filled with 6 loops, korker, and marabou that are all glued.

AHHHH.....hope this helps ladies!!!
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