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Default Re: Need Help with Envirotex Lite Resin

I used ET lite last night for the first time on scrabble tiles- after using diamond glaze, i got used to that consistancy- but the bubbles were MUCH easier to get out with the etlite. I do like the thickness throughout of the diamond glaze, but after et sat for a minute, it did just fine, and the drying process is a bit longer, but the tiles already look much more "crisp" than the diamond glaze does. So, now i'm waiting...

My friend does scrabble and she swears by et lite, so after my diamond glaze spilled over, i bought et.

I covered a small cutting board in wax paper and taped it on the back. I use the cutting board to cut the tiles and varnish them, then used it to apply the et lite. It wont stick to the wax paper if it dribbles down. I hope i mixed it enough, we'll see!

I'm in texas, adn it's cold and crispy outside (no humidity!!) so i'm in a pinch, i need the heat to help cure the resin but dont want the humidity. I'll see how they are after 2 days of drying and if worse comes to worse.. i'll turn a small floor heater on in a room and set them in there. *sighs* i have a show on saturday i'm trying to get these dry for!
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