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Default Re: ISO Halloween Costume -Girl size : 12-18months

Originally Posted by redsoxgal View Post
Love the tutu idea, but one problem...i dont sew lol
and i have only been making and selling bows for about a year now, havent really picked up another hobby just yet. Let me check out your shop,

i am a first time mommy and very inexperienced lol
(who would guess a 30yr old to feel this way) haha

I have NO ideas of what I want her to be for halloween.
I was thinking maybe a little witchy (girly)
Julianna is very lil ms prissy

thanks for ur help
Tutu's are the easiest thing to make and involve no sewing! I just made my first one this week! There are tons of tut's on the web about them. You can make one on a ribbon and when it is the length of your daughters waist, just tie it in a bow in the back! Super cute!!!
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