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Sometimes I mix original Sculpey and Sculpey III together to create a good workable texture. Other than that, you just really have to play with it a lot or warm it up by putting under a lamp or sitting on it! Honestly most of my time sculpting is mixing the clays together (I also don't use a pasta machine so it takes even longer!) I have found darker colors tend to be harder to work with, and also if the clay was stored the wrong way it can sort of dry up and fall apart, making it impossible to knead together.

Also, I'm not sure if you mentioned trying this but I prefer to use Premo by Sculpey...its a bit more expensive and has less colors to choose from, but I have had the least amount of problems with it!

Originally Posted by daviddwilson View Post
Ok, another issue. I get how they are made now, I wasn't exactly doing it right. However, I bought some of the colored clay and it is hard as a brick. It isn't supposed to be though (according to the company website) I bought some clay softener and it isn't helping. I bought Original Sculpey and it's so soft and plyable but the Sculpey III isn't. But it looks like Original Sculpey is only available in big packs of white and terra cotta. What do I do to the Sculpey III to make it where I can work with it?
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