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Default Re: Raggie bow troubles

Originally Posted by MaBichette View Post
I think I made bow two. I made the one where you fold it lengthwise in half and then make a "v" and then sew that way. Instead of 18 4.5 in strips I did 24.

I am going to try it tonight or tomorrow with fabric so I'll let you know. I'll also try to update with a pic today when I pick her up from school.

One thing that I found helpful for the ribbon was kind of crunching it and it seemed to make it look softer/poufier. I was thinking of maybe baking the ribbon version to keep that crumpled look.

Anyway, I'll update with a pic later today.
Mine is kind of spiky, isn't it? I think I'd like the softer look(?) I made bow 1.
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