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Default Re: Help Need a photo program

Thanks, I downloaded GIMP the other day...I don't understand how to use it. I had PhotoShop years ago...I never understood it either. Remember I'm really computer challenged and I need SIMPLE. That's why I loved Picture if you look up Picture It (it is no more) you get GIMP. I still have my Picture It CD and was told that I could not use it with Windows 7, I tired t load it and it wouldn't work...however a cute young tech guy at Staples yesterday insured me it could be done. So if I can't do it for $30 Staples can. It is worth it to me to pay the $30 because it's a program I know how to use and if I have to buy another photo program it will cost at least that much PLUS I still have to learn it. So I think I'm going that route. Thanks for all the help.
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