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Default Re: Raggie bow troubles

I would love to see them also! I have made several raggie bows since I ordered the TuT from Punky but I have only given them as gifts and they were made with fabric, not ribbon. I wonder how an all sheer ribbon raggie bow would look? I bought a crap-load of sheer ribbon in every fall and christmas color that you can imagine. I have only made smaller raggies... I cut the fabric at about 2.5 inches. My daughter is only 2 and I don't want to overwhelm her little head- plus she has super fine hair that wouldn't support a huge ball of fabric. i am for sure going to try out the ribbon raggies... and maybe an all sheer one- just for funsies! I sell my bows out of a super busy consignment shop and it seems like, at least at this particular shop, the funkier, the better! So, I can play with it and have fun with it and not worry about how "strange" it looks. Also, to the poster that makes the raggie bows with "junk" Those are the coolest looking bows! I would have never thought to add korker ribbon to it! In everyone elses experience, do your raggies sell better on pony tail holders or clips (alligators, frenchy's???) Thanks ya'll!
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