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Originally Posted by kittycow2 View Post
I LOVE them!!! great job!! I would love a tut so please do one. I have the headband instructions but can't seem to master them. maybe this would be easier...
lol I'll make the tut and try to post it tonight

Originally Posted by Miranda1 View Post
Very cute! I have made a few of these and they are addictive! I never thought to add a puff to the top, cute idea!
Thanks, its all I had that I thought would be cute on top, it reminds me of the feather pens from the 90's, do you guys remember those, I think Cher from clueless used one lol

Originally Posted by threekscrations View Post
Love Them... Would love a tut..
Getting one together tonight

Originally Posted by shay0622 View Post
Yah sarah! They look fab
Thank you my dear I was thinking, wouldn't these be great with the colored gel pens????

Originally Posted by Robin7786 View Post
These are so cute. I havent seen these in a long time. I hadnt thought about trying them. How much do you think you would charge for this? I know how to do the headbands but a tut would be nice for meashurements and such awesome work!
I'm thinking with the regular ink pen $4 and then with the colored gel pen $6... does that sound about right? I'll get the tut together with the measurements and such later tonight

Originally Posted by Wendy523 View Post
I like pink with the zebra ribbon combo, really cute! I made these last year as teacher gifts. But I put a bow at the end, I like the puff idea.
Thank you! I think for my show coming up I'm gonna make up a bunch of them with the school colors in it, hopefully they will be a big seller

Originally Posted by SerendipityBoutique View Post
I would buy the tut!! I love the pink one!!!
Originally Posted by rsharp View Post
too cute, love the puff on top!
Thanks ladies
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