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Default Re: How to make this design cheer bow???

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in your pictures you have the words "Devils" on the bow. What r u using to do that? did it come as a single word or did u place each piece? is it metal or is it crystal? where did u get it? i would like an alternative for adding team names to bows in lieu of puff paint...and thought of crystals, but that starts to get expensive...any feedback would be great! this thread is very inspirational~~
Hi there,
sorry it took me so long to reply, I had a bunch of orders due before end of Oct. Anyway...The "Devils" part of the bow, I originally applied the Devils with iron on letters I purchased as a full alphabet at JoAnns. Then, I got smart because it was a serious PIA (**NOT Pia Bows, mind you, haha I love her bows and her ingenuity) to place each letter separately. So, I went online and found aplace that would make the name for me, and I applied with an iron just for placement then a hot fix tool. I have also made headbands with chrystals (Team name) on them using hot fix swarovski and the hot fix tool, but once again, very much a PIA. For this bow in particular, I used the rhinestuds, not rhinestones. When they are that small, you cannot see them very well anyway and have a sparkle content of near zero when seen from the judge's table.
The name of the company that makes the custom rhinestone/rhinestud words for me is...BRB gotta find it...dazzling designs
They are great, and really worked with me to get my design just right.
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