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Default Re: Who Hates Cutting Tulle?

I need to take a picture, but in the meantime....there are two long dowels, one slightly higher than the other, that hold the rolls and there are small holes to put a wooden peg in to keep the roll from coming off the end. He made a series of foamcore boards in the standard lengths and one that is adjustable to just about any length (I make adult tutus so they're sometimes quite long) and he sealed off the ends with this plastic-like thing so the rotary cutter doesn't cut through it. It works like this......

You load the roll on the dowel and you can load another roll on the other dowel if you want to cut two rolls at once - select the board you need and secure the start of the roll onto the board and then just spin the board and until both rolls (or one roll if you're cutting one) are done. Take the rotary cutter and zip it across the nice smooth top and bottom and viola! you have perfectly cut tulle in a jiffy.

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