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Default Re: More than one type of grosgrain?

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Brand of grosgrain = different types of grosgrain.

Offray and Schiff are stiffer, more expensive. This is really good to make the twisted boutique bows with. There are several sites that carry this brand. RABOM has schiff, offray and their own brand where they print their own ribbon.

YAMA - silkier feeling, kind of shiny - Haven't had a lot of person experience with it. The little i have I've used doing ribbon sculptures. I know there are a lot of buys for YAMA and I believe you can find it on Ebay.

UB - Softer, thinner but with good starch makes a good korker and it's cheap which is a plus making korkers when you're using 4-5 yards.

For prints check out the ribbon supplier sticky thread - there are so many sites selling unique prints from hipgirl, allaboutribbon, rockinribbons, etc.
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