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Default New Bottlecap Template & Tutorial for GIMP is DONE!

Okay I finally was able to sit down and work on this tonight...The new template and tutorial is finally finished!
If you have previously bought the template, I am giving it to you the upgrade for free...Just because I'm nice that way
If you want to download the new templates & tutorial you will have to join my yahoo group, its the only way I can really do it...Because I cannot re-send out everyone's will take FOREVER!
This offer is for people that have previously purchased my templates.
If you have not purchased, then you need to do so on my Etsy:

To join the group go here: BottlecapTemplate_GIMP & request to join. You cannot join the group unless you have purchased the instructions. When doing so, please put your paypal addy in the comments, just so I can cross-reference my list...
Once there, go to the file section and download your files...
The only thing I ask, is if you could please provide me some feedback on the new templates & tutorial..

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