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Default Re: HELP!!!Not confident!!!!!!

I think it is a normal thing. I also paint and even with my bows or painting it's like you know where you messed up and fixed something or one brush stroke is off. It doesn't mess anything up or look bad it's just you are the only one who knows to look for it. In my opinion I am too hard on myself as far as critiquing my work. I clean a house once a week and I find myself going behind myself more there than in my own home! lol It's because you are doing something that others are going to see and you want them to be satisfied a hundred times over. The only advice I can give is, remind yourself that you are not perfect and NOTHING is perfect. We are crafters/bow-makers not miracle workers. You are not a machine only human and I'd rather have something hand-made that's gonna last than made by a machine and fall apart in a week. HTH
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