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Default Re: princess birthday hat

Do u sew or semi sew? Depending on the type of birthday hat you are looking for this might work. We had a medevil princess bday party a while ago. I took a paper party hat apart and used it as a template. You will need to cut three layers. and outer layer a felt layer and an inner layer. (outer and inner should be fabric) Use stitch witch or some type of heat bond to stick the layers together. put the fabric hat back together just as you would the paper hat and glue the back seam together. I attached satin/sheer to the top like a streamer and draped it around the bottom edge as well. I would suggest it you do not plan on serging or using bias tape to cover the edges to use pinking sheers to cut your layers with. If you are not sewing you can drape the sheer/satin to cover the raw seams. They were very cute and BIG hit.
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