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Default Re: To BBM or not to BBM?

Originally Posted by Jaxie23 View Post
IM so confused I am not sure what to do!
If you are comfortable with shaping the bow, you can make your own templates. If you want that part taken care of, them the BBM would help!

Ribbon can vary up to 1/8" and still be grouped into a certain size. 7/8" ribbon might be anywhere from 3/4" to 1" (1/8 narrower or wider than it actually states) so the holding track is sized to accomodate the widest ribbon. If the ribbon is on the narrower side and seems to slip, you can use a clip to hold it in place, but once you stitch the center, the loops should not move at all. If they do shift, try taking a few more stitches closer together. Several layers need to be secured to hold the twist.

Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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