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Default Re: Why oh why do I have soooo much trouble with hot glue!

Yeah, it stinks. I had an issue previously with ribbon to ribbon adhesion. I'd almost bet that I was using the same glue sticks that I'm having problems with now. At my WM the 100 ct bags were all the cloudy looking glue and the bags of 30 were clear. They both say multi temp, but they're not the same glue. I don't know what even possessed me to check a clip, since I've never had problems with the clips themselves. I'm glad I did though. I checked the bag and I only used 9 of the bad glue sticks, so it definitely wasn't as bad as it could have been. And it's been cool here, so no AC or heat on.

Another HG recommended a surebonder glue gun and glue sticks. I think I'm going to pick them up this week when my husband or I make it to the city. Oh and I found an industrial glue gun that is 400 watts, tempted to buy it. My glue gun now is 20 watts, bet I wouldn't have problems with 400 watts of heating power!

Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post
I had posted about this a while back.
Another hg told me to adjust the settings in the house.
I think she was right. When I turned the ac off it helped.

I use the adtech also.. or whatever you call it. They had two bags when I looked yesterday, which i thought was confusing because they were fairly close in price but one had 100 and the other 30..? maybe a difference there? IDK.

Anyway, the heat in the house and no fans etc seemed to help. I also contacted the company and they had no idea. the only answer I got was that they didn't know and I could try again.......also!

also check your gun. go to gun#2 if necessary. call out the big boy guns if you needta!

frustrating. hope it's better now
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