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Default Re: Why oh why do I have soooo much trouble with hot glue!

I had posted about this a while back.
Another hg told me to adjust the settings in the house.
I think she was right. When I turned the ac off it helped.

I use the adtech also.. or whatever you call it. They had two bags when I looked yesterday, which i thought was confusing because they were fairly close in price but one had 100 and the other 30..? maybe a difference there? IDK.

Anyway, the heat in the house and no fans etc seemed to help. I also contacted the company and they had no idea. the only answer I got was that they didn't know and I could try again.......also!

also check your gun. go to gun#2 if necessary. call out the big boy guns if you needta!

frustrating. hope it's better now

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
I just bought a new bag of glue sticks at Walmart last night. I've been working all day getting ready for a show that I have in two weeks. Now that it is midnight, I just figured out that my hot glue is not sticking! I can pull my ribbon right off the clips! More headbanging!:wallbas h:So, everything I did today is going to have to be redone. Ack! This is not the first time I have had issues with hot glue not holding.

I found one glue stick leftover from my last bag and compared it to this new bag. The ones from the new bag look cloudy. The ones from the previous bag are clear and you can see right through them. So, obviously cloudy=bad, clear=good. The bad thing is that they are the same exact brand and temp glue sticks. They are both the adtech multi temp glue sticks. Of course, I bought the jumbo bag of these crappy things. They are going to be returned to Walmart. Ok, I'm done venting for now. Gonna have to go to Walmart at midnight thirty to buy some new glue sticks.
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