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Default Re: Hair bow Maintenance?

Originally Posted by JenniferM View Post
I have never had ribbon colors run, but I hav heard of it. I have had Korkers little girls snagged on the wood at the playground and one little girl was playing with her dog. I am the only one that has had the glue come unmelted (I lived in Guam!) and once we got in the car the bow came unattached from the clip...I think if you immidiately pull on it, it's like having hot glue melted and it comes apart...Never had a customer complain or have that happen, But I did.
I don't think I would ever put my bows in the washer. I have had the lining of clips come undone, don't know if again from living in a hot weather climate all year or if from the girl playing in the water (it was an alligator clip).
It's not like it happens frequently but I take it to heart big time anytime a customer has an issue, so to me....the 3-5 complaints in 2 years "hurt" lol.
weird question but what kind of glue are u using? high temp? low temp? fabri-tac? i know mine use to come apart when was using fabri-tac an low temp glue but now that i use the high temp i have had no problems.
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