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Default Re: Twisted bow? PLease critique (PART 2)

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
This video helped me tremediously when I was trying to learn to make my twisteds! The best advice I can offer is to really exaggerate your X when you seperate your loops. The first time I did it and got it right I thought... this isn't gonna turn out right, the loops are gonna be too far apart! And it turned out perfect!!!
Originally Posted by Robin7786 View Post
Omg! Her video is the best! Use it. That's how I learned lol I looked all over for this video but couldn't find it again lol I wanted to reccomend it to everyone. I never got it right till I watched it and I have never gotten it wrong since! The steps I sent you are pretty much what you will see in the video!
Thanks ladies! I'm glad my video helped!!!
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