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Default Re: Hair bow Maintenance?

I think if a bow's colors run from getting wet or glue melts from being left in a car, I would fix that for free. I would think that in general, bows should be able to get wet or be in a hot car and not get ruined. My girls swim in their clippies all the time and while I have noticed one clip rusted, other than that, they were fine. Also, I live in the South and it gets really hot here in the summer and I've never had glue melt.

Now, I wouldn't agree to fix normal wear and tear that a child inflicts on bows. I haven't had any korkers snag so I'm not sure what you mean, but if a girl is being too rough on her bows and ruining them, then you may need to explain to her mom that you're not able to remake bows for her for free.
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