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Question Re: What is this

Originally Posted by jacksonsmommy View Post
I know this may be a dumb question, but what is FOE??

I LOVE that you asked this!!!! I didn't know either; just thought that may be what it stood for? That means nothing to me, though. I see it's used for headbands... anything else? Is it something great? Can someone show me something they've made with it?

I am not a seller; just make for my dd and a few of her pals- but I HATE to be ignorant!!!

ALSO, WTHeck is an OTT bow?! I've seen ppl post them, but they aren't very similar. Some look like what are now being called "funky loopy;" some look "loopy;" just an array of styles, so I never know what I'm supposed to be viewing? TIA!!!
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