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Default Kufis Caps and Newboys

Okay I was not sure where to post this question but decided it might be this section.

I have a supplier that I will be purchasing from and she has infant, toddler and big kid Kufis. I am going to purchase some toddler kufis but was wondering if anyone has the two sizes (toddler and big kid) and can tell me which of the toddler and big kid is the most popular and if they sell well. I am doing 2 craft shows in Nov. I also found a thread where someone said that the toddler size fitted her head. So I am confused. Is the toddler size geared for ages 2-4 and Big Kid ages 5-6?

Do people tend to purchase this more compare to the Kufis? I cannot afford the Newboys but was curious.

Thank you for your help!
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