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Default Re: Cheer bow help!!!!!!!!

I'm new to this forum, and so far, I've never seen such a more helpful group. I've seen tips and tricks that people pay GOOD money for just readily available here because you guys appear to not be selfish and greedy. I'll tell you what though, for those that think that it's unheard of for people to selfish and greedy over "their" secrets, it's not. It's the same way in the graphic design world. Ask a person for some help in Photoshop and it's like you asked for their great great grandmother's last recipe that no one knows- when the truth is, you can google it and find it yourself! We ALL work hard on our creations- IT'S NOT EASY WORK! Occasionally it's nice to give someone a hint on how to do something just to make their life easier! They may just return the favor when you least expect it
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