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Default Re: Please give me ideas!

Originally Posted by demi26 View Post
Oh my. THose are so gorgeous! Can you share how to make the ballet slippers?
Thank you. I started trying to type instructions, but they sound pretty cryptic and I feel bad giving non-clear instructions. I would be happy to post some, but I have about 30 more cheer bows for some pshchotic cheerleaders to do tonight. Rob is out of town for a while, and I don't do well with the single mom scenario.

they are all glued, no sewing.

I promise I will try to get better instructions. these are nothing like my books I swear!

but if you can follow this-

heat seal all ends before working with them

1. I think I started with at least 6 inches of 7/8. Go for 8 in, then I know you've got enough. *lol*

2. accordian glue one side of a 7/8 " piece of ribbon 4-5 times (in the center) until the entire piece of ribbon is bent 90 degrees.

3. take a short (1.5" ?) piece of 5/8 and with only a dot of glue on the accordian, glue the small strip somewhat parallel to one of the sides of the accordian-ed piece.

4. Fold the perpendicular side of the accordian piece around the short strip, glue and cut off overhang in the back - this should make the toe. With glue (folding back the ribbon) or gentle lighter technique, soften the curve on the top of the shoe by the toe, to give it a more round appearance.

5. Fold the bottom edge of the 7/8" piece around to the back of the 5/8 short piece and glue to the back. This should "open" up the shoe a bit.

6. Carefully glue in the satin shoe ties. Give yourself a good 12" on each side of the shoe to allow for the bow and knots.

7. Somewhere in there you need to secure the back of the shoe as well.

8. Attach to the FLAT side of an alligator clip - or bow center, lapel pin etc.

9. of you want the strings to really stand up on their own, double it over and hot glue ribbon together - the double layer and hotglue will stiffen it enough to hold up on its own!

I hope this is not too unintelligible. I apologize for the briefness of it! But I hope it helps!
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