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Default Re: tricks to putting glue on rhinestones...

Originally Posted by jacksmommy View Post
Thanks Krysia! Ok, so the wand applicator is what I need? Does that glue them on?
It'll glue them on if they're hotfix crystals (like Minnie said, with the glue already on the back). Sooooo much easier! I purchased swarovski hotfix crystals and the Kandi Kane professional touch tool from; however, all you need to do is look for/google "hot fix," and you should be good to go. If you want to use up the ones you have (I still have some non hot fix ones), use Gem Tac - it's great for permanently adhering them, without there being any "clouding issues" that some glues cause on the crystal itself.

Definitely, though, from now on - hot fix
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