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Default Re: SCAL or another program for my Cricut?!?

SCAL comes with 2 downloads. Me personally, wouldn't download it to a church computer, just because I would rather design and cut at home rather than lug the thing around. SCAL's program is a "what you see is what you cut" design. Basically, you choose your cutting mat size (6x12, 12x12, 12x24) and then design away! What you see on your screen is exactly what will cut. It's nice to be able to see the layout. Your machine should've come with one cartridge. You don't need to buy anymore unless there's a specific font or graphics that you can download from the internet for free. Search fre svg files and you will get a ton of images. Also, download thousands of fonts for free...just google it. I have had my Expression for 3 years and have owned SCAL for 2. The box was unopened until I found SCAL, lol. I got mine on Black Friday at a ripping deal ($120!) so I couldn't fathom paying half that for one measley cartridge. You just need a USB cable to plug in your computer to the Cricut, and put in the one catridge. SCAL will walk you thru step by step. It's pretty easy...before SCAL I had no idea how to download free fonts and dingbats. People's argument is that it voids your warranty. But you aren't downloading anything to your's a computer program so I don't get how it voids your machine. Mine's out of warranty anyways, lol. Good luck!
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