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Default Re: How to apply double sided tape

Originally Posted by ljeljh View Post
I would not have tried to use double sided tape. I have seen too many bows that were done with it that are coming undone. I sell some ribbon sculptures to a local shop and she has someone else doing her bows. When I look at them, I almost always see several that are coming undone with the tape that is lining the clip. Does it matter what kind of tape you use or the way you apply it?
Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
Man I am just not thinking right I guess. I just got mine too and I have been doing kind of the same thing. My question is this: how do you get such long lengths without the tape sticking to itself/something etc? I can only get a couple of clips worth before cutting. Hope my question makes sense?

Anyone have any problems with it coming off after the fact (I mean on clippies?)
Originally Posted by new2this View Post
i did not like it on partially lined clips.. i bought some ready lined clips from a hg here.. lots of her clips are coming undone.. i have to fix it before i send them out to my customer.

now i only use the tape to fully line my clip.
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