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Question Using Marabou


I've seen so many darling bows with marabou, so I ordered a long black strand to use on my Halloween bows. Maybe I'm just dense, but I'm having a horrible time with them! They are a total mess to work with and I'm having problems gluing. I've considered buying the marabou puffs, but there's still the glueing issue. Maybe someone can give me some tips or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I tried very carefully to hot glue a piece to the underneath of a small pinwheel bow. I "moved" the feathers out of the way as best as I could and glued to the cord. Now gluing the clip... way harder than gluing to the bow. The center knot is the worst! There's marabou in the center of the bow under the knot and sticking out and "bare" spots where the ribbon wraps around the bow and the marabou. Others that I've seen have that nice, even puff that the bow sits on. I'm sure I'm making this harder than it has to be! Any suggestions, tips or hints will REALLY be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!
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