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Default Re: Help! My products are coming apart

Originally Posted by ksterling628 View Post
I use fabritac and within the last few weeks I have noticed that some of my products are coming apart. Specifically, clips are coming un-lined, my mickey mouse ribbon sculptures are coming apart and some of my other ribbon sculptures are separating from the clips.

Will using hot glue fix this or is this a problem with all glue? I can't have my stuff falling apart, i'm freaking out that someone is going to buy something and it's going to come apart.
After reading your post yesterday I went and checked my last batch of clips that I just lined, using hot glue and tiger grip, and found that I could peel (albeit using quite a bit of strength) from the back of the partially lined clip. I was soooo disappointed that I could do this!!!

I have been using a hot glue gun on the beginning and ends of my ribbon when lining clips and the tiger grip in between. So after getting out my new glue gun (not the cheapo one that I had been using), I found that using the better glue and glue gun it stuck a lot better.

So I hear ya in the freaking out department!!!!
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