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Default Re: How to apply double sided tape

Originally Posted by ljeljh View Post
I would not have tried to use double sided tape. I have seen too many bows that were done with it that are coming undone. I sell some ribbon sculptures to a local shop and she has someone else doing her bows. When I look at them, I almost always see several that are coming undone with the tape that is lining the clip. Does it matter what kind of tape you use or the way you apply it?
It does matter. Also, I had the same problem with some ribbon, even with the "good stuff." The end (on the bottom of my partially wrapped clips) would sometimes start to "lift" with certain ribbons. Now, I line with the tape, but put a dot of glue at the very end. Best of both worlds - very smooth, evenly lined clips, and *very* secure - no more "lifting."

Originally Posted by tinagmcdonald View Post
CRAZY QUESTION here but can you use just regular double sided tape you get at walmart or is this double sided tape a special craft kind? I have wanted to get some and have never gotten around to it.. Thanks yall
Special kind - Sealah ( or through a GB for Specialty Tape.
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