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Default Re: How do you stop ribbon from fraying...?

I am with lots of the others... wood burner. I started with a lighter but the wood burner is TONS faster. I got the cheap one at JoAnns with a 40% off coupon for about $5.50. I used a piece of glass from an old picture frame as my cutting surface. I just printed a ruler off the internet and taped it underneath so I have a quick way to measure. I also used making tape on the edges to protect my fingers.

Somewhere on these forums I had read a great tip...Set your wood burner where you want it, give yourself a little bit of play in your cord, and then tape the cord down. It gives you the security of knowing you won't knock it off onto something flammable or your toes (several people evidently had this experience). I have done this and feel much more secure using it.
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