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Default Re: Pony'O sewing???

i have done my pony-os' this way for a long time: Here is the big "secret" har!!!!!
cut ribbons to 20"
place on my glass cutting board in wide "X" pattern
use woodburning tool tip to burn a small hole through the center of the stack of ribbons
do 40 more and stack them up for later assembly....
take stack and place in a large Sally's clip or gator bite
flip upside down
place in elastic
secure small zip tie so the bump is on the BOTTOM off to the side-ish
pull to secure
cut off zip tail
take woodburner and melt bump a little bit - extra security and less plastic
apply center knot and when gluing down, put a little glue on either side of "bump" and it will cover it.
I do these in stages and then sit and watch TV and zip tie a ton of them at a time. SOOOOOO much faster than sewing!
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