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Default Re: Cheer Bows - Most popular style?? Help!!!

Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
I believe the most popular style of cheer bow these days is the tails down bow. If not sure how to make, I agree with the NoBowNoGo tutorial. Super easy and inexpensive.

As far as styles these days....that's a tough one. There is a design floating around called the "Tic Toc", I believe it was originated at There are no instructions on this site for it. I believe you'd kinda have to play with it to make your own pattern. I haven't had a moment to try it yet, but the bow looks super fun.

I have used a lot of sequins and zebra print this year. Sequin fabric can be found at Joanns (in limited colors here in NY), or has a huge assortment of colors and their prices are reasonable.

If looking for Spandex (another popular material for bow making), you should check out

Not knowing what team colors you are working with, makes it a little difficult for suggestion. If you want to share, I'd be happy to help you out best I could.

My DDs team colors are garnet and yellow gold. One would think they would be easy to match. I wish that were the case. I have attached a couple of bows that I have made for some programs this season. Hope this helps.

As far as ribbon goes, my minimum width I use for a cheer bow base is 2 1/4". For high school girls, they may want to go even bigger than that. has a great selection of 3" ribbon that makes a huge bow, but I just love it. The pic with the 3" is the one of my daughter in hers.

Thank you sooo much for your advice... I am looking now at all of the weblinks you gave me...

the colors are green and gold - though I was told that apparently they use yellow instead, since gold is not being matched with... I was thinking of using a yellow-gold... similiar to LSU's yellow gold...
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