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Default Re: Help! My products are coming apart

I swear by Fabri Tac, but not to line clips. The makers, Beacon Adhesives, have a webpage that says what each of their products are good for. I read that back when I used to use fabri tac to line clips because they came apart. Fabri Tac is designed for fabric to fabric adhesion, not anything else. They have other products that say they are for fabric and metal that I have tried, but there isn't one better than double sided tape. I also use e6000 to line my clips sometimes(this works great on my resin clippies or bottlecap clippies). But I mainly use Specialty tapes to line my clips. I did use Tacky Tapes But I always had to put a dap of e6000 because wear and heat caused the back to come off.
Back to why I swear by Fabri Tac. It does not loose it's solvents for any reason that I've seen. I've left bottles in the car, outside, without a lid on at all, and the only thing I've noticed happen is it hardens over time without a lid. I sorta like the hardening because it is so watery at first. I use FT for anything fabric on fabric. I use it to hold my ribbon in place before I sew, hold pieces of a stacked bow together before I tie them off, really anything fabric that needs to be held in place while I do a more permanent fix/hold.
I hth you.
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