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Default Re: Cheer bow help!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by bowsbymidge View Post
I agree not trying to upset any of you I have been on this board for awhile and give advice when I need the answer. i also was not just asking for free instructions I have bought endless things from the other ladies on here. I once again am truly sorry and I am not trying to be rude or unreasonable. I have gotten the stuff and will work it out I was more or less looking for what direction to start in. the answer to the question would you give away to someone at a craft show, no i would just tell them it takes lots of practice, but this is a forum where we help people I am not a newbie to all of this and was just looking for direction.
I believe I may have responded to one of your other posts earlier about cheer bows. However, like I said in that post, I have not had a moment to sit down and work out that particular bow you were asking about. To point you in the right direction in making it though, you only have to do it to one side of the bow. The other is plain sequins on ribbon.

I feel badly that this all seems to have spiraled out of control and feelings have been hurt. Sometimes what is put in writing is not meant as it sounds when read.

MHorne, please don't let what happened spoil you from participating in the group. I am sure no one meant to "blast" you or make you feel unwelcome. I have never met a nicer more helpful bunch than I have found here. Including blkhawkfn. I am sure this was all a terrible misunderstanding.

Hang in there. You'll get the wave bow with time and effort. In the meantime if you need something quick, I would use sequins and make layered bows or a half & half. Both are relatively easy and there are many great tips and instructions on the board for those. If you still have difficulty, please send me a PM and I'll see what I can do to help you.
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