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Default Re: Skinny Elastic.....Now What?

Originally Posted by mom2tylerandali View Post
I'm cracking up that I saw your post! I was thinking the very same thing! I ordered some of the skinny elastic and didn't even have a clue as to how to do the ends, but I was scared to ask *how* on here without doing a search first. Didn't want the HG Police to get me for not searching first! Figured I would do my search this evening when the little one was in bed. Anyway- thanks for asking!
Too funny!!! :lol: I usually try to search first too, but I remembered I needed to figure it out and my two little ones were pulling on me. It was either post the question, or forget about it again for several days!! :lol: Thanks for the answers, Ladies---helps a lot!! I figured it had to be fairly simple!
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