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Default Finally!

I got my mannequine!! So, my mom was a sweetheart & ordered one of those wire mannequines for me.. well I finally got it!! wooo hooo! right??

Well, as was I anxiously opening the box to put it together I notice......................................... IT HAS BOOBS!!!

crap! I really needed a toddler mannequine mom, but thanks for trying lol.

It's a pain to put a tutu on, I have to unscrew & twist & all this stuff take the top part off then it looks funny because its a WOMAN wearing a toddler/infant tutu.. haha!! I don't want to sound unappreciative to my mom because she's such a sweetheart for doing this for me, but I just simply cant use it

ok anyhoo just thought i'd share my wonderful experience lol anyone else have this prob with theirs? how do you work around it?
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